10 Years of the New de Young

A microsite to celebrate the 10th anniversary of San Francisco’s beautiful de Young museum building.

Project Details

The Ten Years of the de Young website was created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the museum’s iconic architecture and its place within the San Francisco community. For the first time, beautiful imagery of the new de Young’s construction is displayed alongside the community’s personal stories. As these two elements were the focus of the website, custom time-lapse photography was captured to show the connection between the building and the community.

The challenge with this project was creating a website as unique and as beautiful as the de Young while allowing the content to take center stage. Light typography, pin lines, and a stark white background gave the design its modern feel while allowing for subtle integration of brand colors. Specifically, the H2 tags were knocked out with a copper patina texture, and the timeline bar is gradated with the de Young color palette. The gradated timeline also parallels the imagery: gray with the historical photos, copper during construction, and green with the landscaped building. The site is anchored with a landscape view of the building, appropriately terminating the timeline with how the museum stands today.

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